Look Sharp!

Gunned down, murdered, our innocent five;
Gunned down, murdered, and no more to thrive.
Our soldiers who stood to keep all of us free,
Who fought upon land and fought upon sea,
Were killed by a moslem, evil, insane,
Who killed them for nothing, false heaven to gain.
The source of his action, foul seed of foul deed,
Oh fools, it is Islam—we surely must know!—
Which must be destroyed with deadliest blow!
Tehran must be bombed, Medina laid waste,
And Mecca made whole with a hole in its place!
Islamists must feel, as they bow and they kneel,
A blast of deliverance into the real!
Our men must be armed, in uniform, proud,
And never be hiding, as though they were cowed!
Look sharp, true Americans, alert with our right
To put would-be killers in coffins of night!

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