His Happy Space

The space cadet has his eyes well set
On the planet called Apollo,
And at space-warp speed he will do his deed
That brave other men may follow.

He strides the sky with a firm goodbye
And has no tears of sorrow,
For in joy he roams to his strange new home,
And his followers come tomorrow.

Just a tiny dot, now a growing spot,
Of a blue-ish green, half golden,
That awaits the best of a spaceman’s quest
With its happy hills to hold him.

Now on down sets he near a tranquil sea,
When around a rock there climbing
Comes a green maid mild like a wond’ring child
And with harp begins her rhyming.

Such a song she sang—his whole being rang!—
Though her words he wasn’t knowing,
And he scrubbed his course from his shining horse
That all following men keep going!

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