O Glorious Son

O Glorious son of man—another man!
Brought up to live in independence true,
To justly gauge each purpose you began
Responsible to no one but to you;
O dear inventor of the wheel-spun cart,
Fond singing speaker of poetic art,
Original painter of the frescoed wall
And mighty sculptor of brave hero tall,
With vig’rous praise and lasting high acclaim
Our tongues give cheer to honor thy bright fame!

O Sovereign man of men, our spirit pure,
Who all of us inspire to be our best,
To seek each day the dreams that shall endure,
And joy our selfish lives ere we go west,
If Aristotle’s happy man shall reign,
Serenity hold purchase over pain,
If honest thought shall lead our feet on straight,
With thee, O Man, we’ll fight the force of fate
And at the end, when death will come to seize,
We’ll laugh him down a loser to his knees!

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