Brian of Vaston (an alternative history)

Brian of Vaston
Had got to the hilltop,
Though arrows and spears
All about him did ding.

Leaping the wall there,
Leaped out his sword so keen,
Cleaving Mohammed
Right through the heart!

Moslems ran screaming,
Immortal was mortal;
Their prophet was dead
And the dust drank him deep.

No longer a terror
His evil was finished;
Good courage had conquered
And Islam was done.

Brian of Vaston
Made sign to his soldiers,
And thousands of Moslems
They chased and they slew.

Then pigs were brought forth
To run over Mecca
And many were slaughtered,
Their blood sprinkled round.

Then Brian of Vaston
Stood forward and said,
“If any man’s caught
Raping a girl,

“Or raping a woman,
Or stoning with stones,
We’ll cut off his head
And smash up his bones.

“Speak truth, live honest,
Work hard while you can;
Think for yourself
If woman or man!”

Brian of Vaston
Now stands with his bearer,
Who holds up a gold flag
High over earth,

And no man is kneeling,
But all, in their pride now,
Sing glory and praise
To manhood’s great worth!

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