Splendor Sheer

Splendor sheer,
O Shining Splendor,
Man supreme
Above the earth,
Lit with strength
Of sunlight flashing,
High wide brow
With eyes that see—
All the world
A shining glory,
World that waits
What he will be!

Arms stretched out
O’er seas and mountains,
Bronze through blueness
Fingers reach.
All that is, is
His for taking,
Loving laughter
His to give—
To the earth
Of his re-making,
Splendor sheer
While he shall live!

O Golden Feet,
O Gleaming Body,
O bless-ed rocks
They touch to fire,
Earth and sky
In man connecting,
Shine with might
Of his desire,–
First of firsts
Begun, beginning,
Splendor sheer
Of Manhood won!

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