Ego Light

May one man live for his own sake
And take through life his mental light
To brighten up his strong long way,
And staying true to his set line
Refine the code of his own mind
And write himself the undersigned.
Then rightfully, what e’er he’s done
Is won for eager Ego’s name
To flame and leap in his self fame.

And may he take no heed of need
In feeding him his profits true,
But use his gold to craft his height—
A mighty place where thoughts are thought—
And naught but ingenuity
Sets free the futures he can see.
Then joyfully, where e’er he wings,
He singeth, “My life’s mine to fly,
And fly I do for things more high!”

He fears no hating men who’re weak,
But speaking clearly fearless goals,
Extols the virtues of man’s mind
That wind him up and keep him wound,
Yet boundless, too, to act and snare
The rarest dreams no others dare!
Then filled with love of man as man
He scans the waiting lights of space
That grace his selfish, happy face.

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