The Insane We

“Tonight,” said the president, looking over the crowd of smiling faces, “We are going to pretend that I am a great leader and that you are great followers. We can do it! Let’s make reality! Let us all who are pretending raise our right hands. Now let’s give ourselves a big ovation! Shout it now, ‘We are all! We are all! We are all!’ Individuals have been vanquished. They don’t exist! Selfishness is dead! The greedy ego has been demolished! We are the future and we is now!

“When we are one together we have nothing to fear. We have overcome reality! We have overcome the prejudice of logic! We feel! We are wonderful! Shout it now: ‘We, we, we, we, we!’ What do you want? ‘We!’ What do you live for? ‘We!'”

Then the president held out his hands for silence, paused a moment, than said, “On the tables in front of you are glasses filled with a dark liquid. Pretend that it is the purest sparkling water. Now, all as one, lift your glasses and drink it down all at once. Drink to glorious we!”

They all drank. After a minute they all started to jerk violently and they all collapsed on the floor. The president, so rapt up in his moment of pretended greatness, forgot that he was not supposed to drink, and he, too jerked in violent spasms and fell over dead. Attendants at the rear of the stage began chanting “We! We! We! We!” A horrified janitor turned off the lights and ran out of the building. All the attendants stood in the darkness and shouted, “We see the light! We see the light! We are wonderful!”

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