Much More Than Disturbing

When you have a government that does not recognize and uphold individual rights, but instead consistently violates them, then rioting and pillaging become merely “disturbing”—as the Mayor of Baltimore said last night. Then disturbing the peace is seen not as a crime to a government that does not desire peace, even while some residue of respect for private property remains in the minds of the police. “Disturbing” is a nice, vague word which, while it may signify disapproval, avoids outright moral condemnation, so that the user of it may safely, or maliciously, sit on the fence while not being accused of saying nothing. If politicians like Obama and the Mayor of Baltimore (as well as a host of other “leaders”) would come out, face the microphone, and say, “Nothing,” and walk away, then, perhaps, more people would wake up and face the nightmare of the kind of country we are now being sucked down into.

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