What is important? A big, green, blue and brown rock rolling in dull circles around a star, or the smartest animal on that rock? If man is successful, or if he destroys himself, that rock is just going to keep spinning and circling until it gets hit by a giant meteor or until it dries up. Is that important? Important to whom? Where did the concept of important come from? Man created it. He thought of it. Before he did, there was nothing of importance in the whole universe, except by implication in man’s own mind.

Now we have fools everywhere saying that man is of no importance to earth, or to Mother Nature, or to the stars. But earth can’t think, earth can’t feel; earth can’t value anything, can’t act to obtain anything. Nothing is important to the earth. Whatever happens on the earth means nothing to the earth. There is no Mother Nature. “Mother” is a concept made by man to stand for human females who have given birth to human babies. Used correctly it doesn’t even apply to female dogs or cats. A female dog is never a mother; it is never a parent; and this is true of all other animals. Nature is just the external world. It has mothers (some female humans) in it, but is not a mother itself. All this should be obvious. But to those men who pretend to know what they do not know basic facts and truth are not important. They can only numbly repeat that man is not important. Properly, speaking morally, “not important” can only refer to themselves.

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