The Virtuous Policy

“Oh no!” said the President, “we can’t cut down on taxes and environmental and business regulations. Why, there would be new companies starting up, millions of new jobs available; people would start finding it easier to pay their bills and buy new things. And there would be less money available to give to other countries. Americans would become richer and happier, especially as the crime rate went down. We can’t have that! Americans are supposed to suffer! they’ve got to stop being happy! They’ve got to stop feeling important! They’ve got to be made to feel little, ugly, weak and worthless! Lower taxes? Hell no! Raise them, raise them, higher and higher! Regulate businesses out of business! Keep people from drilling for oil and digging for coal! Keep people from using water for farming! Keep them from hunting and fishing! Keep them from growing food! Keep them from living!

I’m the President. They voted for me, and for all their senators and representatives, to lead them to an orgy of suffering and sacrifice. They believed in it, they wanted it! Now let them roast in the furnace of their making! Let the flames roar! Let suffering and death triumph! let America be virtuous! Ha, Ha, Ha!

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