New Day

I step with pride in the dawn of day
Out on my balcony over the street;
I stretch my arms in a golden ray
With a burst of joy from hands to feet.

I sing out “I love you!” to the trucks down low,
And whisper “I’m happy” to the towers high;
I bless the great city where men do show
Their beauty-of-thought from earth to sky.

I know I am free, my world is won,
And new day waits for my opening door—
Sidewalk glad’ning where I’ll walk or run,
Sunlight dancing all its shafts before.

I know there’ll be people as glad as me
Who’ll wave, or smile with twinkling eyes,
As on they’ll trip with great deeds to be
In our trusted towers that touch the skies.

I think, as I turn, all ready to dress,
Of the job I will give to that bright young man
Who wanted to work for his happiness
And was willing to start where I first began.

Great work, great world, great life abounds!
New day begins, new time—all mine!
Now horns are beeping, pile-drivers pound;
My office waiting—oh, it’s fine!

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