No Sacrifice

It had rained for days and days. The village was flooded. More than half the crops were ruined. The witch doctor told the people that because Jonathan had not paid proper tribute to the goddess she was angry and had unleashed this storm upon them. Then he said that the only way to appease the goddess and end the rain was for Jonathan to sacrifice Ilena, his fifteen year-old daughter. Jonathan refused. Then all the people strode toward his house, shaking fists and shouting, “Sacrifice! Sacrifice! Sacrifice!” Jonathan grabbed Ilena and raced out the back door and up into the high rocky hills. There he loosened huge rocks and sent them rolling down into the village, smashing everyone’s house, smashing the marketplace, smashing everything. Then the terrified people took the witch doctor and hung him from a tree as the rains came to an end.

Thereafter, any man or woman who called for sacrifices was scorned, damned, belittled, or driven out of the village. Ilena grew to be a great beauty who also made great profits in the new marketplace. Jonathan grew to be a very wealthy old man whose advice in many matters was often sought. The name of the village was changed to No Sacrifice and became very prosperous. The goddess, who had been merely a pretended figment of the imagination, was given up to non-pretending and vanished from men’s minds forever.

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