The Greedy Loser

“Those greedy bastards! They’ve got tons of money! That’s all they’re after! That’s all they think about! Do they ever give anything in return? Do they ever give back to society! It’s a good thing the government is about to confiscate the gold from the very rich and give it to the people.”

“And what are you after? Their money? Is that all you think about? Yesterday John Schwartz, the multi-billionaire, put billions of dollars worth of gold on a ship, sent it out to the middle of the Pacific, and sank it so deep it will never be recovered. I hear he has only fifty thousand dollars left. That’s a little less than you have, isn’t it? Now what are you going to call him?”

Stupid! Stupid! Stupid! He had no right to destroy a fortune! I deserved some of that gold!”

“What should we call you, a greedy loser?”

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