Joe’s Profits

“What a rip-off!” Joe exclaimed, as he put on his beautiful new $10 shoes. “What do you mean?” asked Jane. “These shoes are selling for $6 at Darcy’s Shoes over in Glendale.” “But Glendale is 50 miles away. It would cost you a dollar each way on the bus, plus 2 hours of your time.” “It’s still a rip-off!” “Then why did you buy them?” “Cause they were the last ones he had in this style that fit me.” “So, would you rather have your $10 and not have the shoes? Or risk going to Glendale and not finding any in your size?” “Naw, I want the shoes.” “Well then, be happy. You made a profit.” “What?! I made a profit?” “Yup. Having the shoes and your time is worth more to you than having the $10.” Jane added, with a smile in her eyes, “You mean old profit-seeker, you.” Joe laughed, “I guess you’re right.” Then he stood up and danced around and yelled, “Thank you, Jack!”
Inside the store Jack smiled and waved his hand.

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