Nice and Quiet

As I was walking by the bank
I saw two robbers fleeing.
My draw was slow, my aim, it stank,
But they were not agreeing.

As I walked o’er their bodies there
A horse thief rode off yelling.
I guess I got him good and square;
If not, he won’t be telling.

As I walked into Mav’s Saloon
A feller swung and missed me.
That fist and post made one sweet tune
As Lil came up and kissed me.

I walked back out and looked around
And saw that all was quiet.
And then there came that hissing sound
Of arrow on a die it.

I turned and caught it ere it struck,
Then threw it back, haphazard.
I guess some injun’s out of luck,
A hole is in his gizzard.

I can’t complain of this small town
(We’ve rarely more than twenty);
It’s nice and quiet all year round
And Lil gives kisses plenty.

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