Simply This

I love you more, more than anything;
I love you less than naught.

I love you sure, sure, sure.

Through all my thoughts you run and skip and leap;
Your laughter sinks, sinks into me deep.

You turn about, a pen within your hand;
My breath leaves, just spins away.
Up to your desk you march to write your stand—
Conclusion of your thinking nowise gray.

The admiration that I feel is more, more than anything,
And I am braced to face another day.

The world awaits your message, I am sure,
Though many love not truth, there’s many do.
And yet, if none should listen to your logic pure,
I’ll know my guardian of your mind is you.

No wings you have to waft you through the skies,
No crown of gold on your sweet head to gleam,
But always you’re aloft within mine eyes,
A shining simple woman who’s no dream.

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