But One

I bow not to Allah,
I kneel not to God;
My mind is my master—
I fear no man’s rod.

Though others betray them,
Surrendering all,
Though others, in failure,
Feel safe while they fall,

Alone I am standing,
A man who is sure,
Sure will self-commanding
One egoist pure.

My love is for greatness,
to reach and to raise;
The life of my greatness
Is song all my days,

Through words made of sweetness
And joy set to rhyme,
In manhood’s completeness
Of high works sublime.

Though others look downward,
Close eyelids, not see;
Though others turn backward
On freedom to be,

I stand with arms outward,
Face full to the sun,
True man, who’s no coward,
Though I am but one.

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