Turn the handle, the water flows;
Flick the switch and daylight glows;
Spin the wheel and around you steer,
And you’re the god of all that’s here!

Press the button and walk into
A rising space that climbs up true,
Above the city, free and light,
Where you can work with boundless sight.

Tap the keys and see the world
Expand beneath your gaze, unfurled;
Tap again, o’er continent,
And there one reads the thoughts you’ve sent.

Stand, and look through clearest glass
Where streams of cars beneath you pass,
And switches, handles, wheels and keys
Make gods of men with greatest ease.

On back of every button, wheel,
There’s moral rightness hard as steel—
The keen, clean will that follows through
On judgments that high dares pursue!

Then profit from them! Make a plan!
Turn your wheels and be a man!
Flick the switch of thought on HIGH
And let your happy deals fly!

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