Oh, For A Man

Oh, for a man of moral fire
To tell Obama he’s a liar!
Face to face to speak, contemning,
To an evil bastard who’s earned an ending.
From moral judgment to damning curse,
The final say of the whole universe!
And all of his minions to get the same,
All of his puppets of ill-got fame.
With sharp, clear focus and voice edged hard,
To cut up this demon with mental sword!
Cut up, cut down, and clear on through,
Till all that’s left is one thing true—
A soul-less, mind-less thing of murk,
Whose shorted brain has gone berserk
In hating life and loving hate,
And yearns himself a slavery state.
Where’s Frederick Douglas and the Tom Paine flier?
Oh, for a man with moral fire!

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