Breath Is More

The pen is mightier than the sword,
The pencil than the gun,
The thought that leaps than the bombs that stun,
The self that creates than the beasts that desecrate.

The hero is more than the virus,
The wise man more than the fool,
The self-taught inventor more than he in the government school.

The lover of life is more than the hater of civilization,
The woman alone is more than the crowd-pleasing bitch,
The man who thinks more than he who just feels,
The girl who stands more than she who kneels,
The man who lives to live, more than he who dies to die.

The boy who sings is more than he who mouths four-letter words;
The youth who falls, only to rise and climb again,
Is more than he who stumbles and wants pity for his pain.

The proud man is more than the humble,
The self-loving man more than the self-despising,
The serious man more than he who laughs at himself.

Life on earth is more than death on nowhere.
Life on earth is more than death anywhere.
Breath is more than no breath.

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