Some Children’s Poems

Sun comes up and shines all day
Over clouds so very gray;
Underneath there’s all this snow,
Doesn’t shine or give a glow.

Dinner’s waiting, day is past;
I am running home so fast!
Sun is gone now, stars are bright
Somewhere in the old dark night.


Blades of grass are sweet to kiss,
But to eat I’d rather miss.
Roses, too, are nice to touch,
But I’d rather ice for lunch.

Butterflies have flown away;
Only snowflakes come to play.
I can catch them—see! Right here!
In my hand a little tear.

Winds a-blowing, huff and puff!
Took my hat; I said, “Enough!”
Winds are deaf and winds are dumb;
Now I’m running more than some!

Hat in pocket, glad I stand.
Wind has such a soft light hand
My hand was a thing so strong
I will sing the whole day long!

Orange for breakfast, orange for lunch,
Orange for dinner—oh, too much!
I’ll be orange before you know,
Lips and nose and chin a-glow!

The Ant

I saw an ant a-working hard,
But never heard it pant.
Did not complain of sun or rain;
It never said, “I can’t.”

It lifted trees and boulders high,
It carried to and fro;
It never said to Nature, “No,
I’ll not your strength defy.”

But it keeps working very hard,
And never says, “I can’t,”
Does not complain of sun or rain,
This glorious tiny ant.

Up, Down

Up the stairs, one, two, three,
Four, five, six, to the top!
If my house was stairs on stairs
I think I’d never stop.

Down the stairs, one, two, three,
Four, five, six, to the done.
If my house lost all its stairs
I’d have to build me some!

Only Me

The snow outside was very deep,
As if the world was fast asleep.
Nothing moved and nothing stirred;
There was no song of happy bird.

The wind was still, the drifts were high;
My house had one un-covered eye,
And from my attic I could see
There was only, only me.

My Friends

Blows the wind,
But not the sun;
Stars twinkle,
But not the wind.

I can see,
But not the clouds;
Close my eyes,
I still can run.

Branches bend,
Rocks do not;
Neither boil
In the pot.

Wind and trees
Sway together;
I swing stones,
They’re my friends.

Dogs don’t twinkle,
Cats don’t blow;
Horses boil—
Oh no, no, no!

Girls can skip,
And so can stones,
But girls are much
Too big to throw!

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