A few light-hearted bits.

Daisy and Buttercup
Romped through the snow;
Daisy got lost
And Buttercup howled.

A pure white ball
Rolled at my feet—
Buttercup’s loud,
But Daisy is sweet!


Wing and Dang

Wing and Dang
Leaped the fence!
Wing was winging,
Dang went fast.

Wing’s like wind,
Dang’s like light;
O’er the hills
They gallop bright!

Wing is white,
Dang is black;
When, oh when,
Will they fly back?

Black storm grows;
White light cracks;
Here they come, galloping,
Making tracks!


Flim and Soxy

Flim and Soxy
Move together;
Twins they seem
In every weather.

In just an hour
A foot they’ve got—
When snails move
They move a lot!


Max and Snorky

Max and Snorky
Were swordfish two.
They sawed away
At Ocean Blue.

The sailors slept
Up in their boat
As half from half
Away did float.

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