Midas Day Boom

Oh, Midas Day swings round again
With cheering might for happy men:
The bells and smells of Midas-time
That steer the year’s beginning/end,
When presents will present their joys
For laughing children, girls and boys,
And all will hear glad Midas noise
All over this glad town!

Each Midas tree is standing bright
With dangling jewel and sparkling light;
Each Midas sign—the dollar sign–
Is glowing gold with luster fine;
And each live Midas song rings free
With happiness that loves to be
For year-long working industry
All over this glad town!

The hills are hacked, the oil fracked,
The profits are laid out and stacked.
Each oil man’s un-foiled grin
Declares a king of single win,
And all together strut with pride
Through stores with toys on every side—
For nephew, baby, new-made bride,
All over this glad town!

Aroma of the turkey roast,
Aroma of the dark green pine,
Aromas past of toil and sweat—
The persevering faces set—
Combine in mind the hearty boast
That “What I’ve made is truly mine
And Midas Day is my won bet
All over this glad town!

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