Rain Day

The sky’s been gray all day
And it has rained all day,
And all the dust is put away
‘Neath drops that prance while they do slay,
And all the wet on every street
Has no regret for happy feet,
While sparrows flit and twit and tweet
For this today that’s so complete!
“Tweet-tweet, tweet-tweet, tweet-tweet, tweet-tweet!”

And cars whizz up and down the road,
A-whizzing without care or load,
And splash the sidewalks as they pass,
And splash the leaves and splash the grass,
And splash each other (what a laugh!)
‘Neath drops that flop all over town—
A-dancing, dancing, dancing down!
Then wind does sway the silv’ry gown
Till all the buildings seem to sway,
Alive on such a dancing day!
Or maybe I’m the dizzy one
Who in this rain is having fun!
I twirl, spin, I’m wind, I’m cloud!
A giant drop that dances wild
As if I were the gladdest child!

And now it’s heavy, now it pours,
And now it’s time to go indoors
And watch, behind the pattered glass,
The flowing wall of gray go past.
I hear the muffled motors hum,
The nothing of no sparrow’s tweet,
Only the thrum of rain, complete,
As light does thin and days does die,
And “gray all day” goes by, by, by.

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