Real Dreams

Alone, alone, a-sailing,
A-sailing on the sea;
The wind is high,
The sun goes by,
A-leaving dark to me.

Then long, and long, a-sailing,
With starlight faint and far;
My sweet, I’ll soon be hailing
The island where you are.

The waves wash high,
I’m soaking wet,
Yet I’ll come nigh
To kiss you yet,
To kiss you near
And take a hold
Of my sweet dear,
My precious gold.

Alone, alone a-drifting,
A-drifting on the sea;
My sail is not,
My mast is shot,
My food will soon not be.

I paddle still,
For I’ve got will,
Although my arms do ache;
The sun does rise
Into my eyes,
My way is straight and set.

I’m almost blind,
My water’s gone,
Yet on, still on, I go,
Till up, so kind,
The isle of Dawn
In front of me does glow!

Alone, alone, I’m tumbling,
I’m tumbling up to shore;
The sand’s a-gleam,
But do I dream?
I have been here before!

Alone, alone, awaking,
Awaking up from sleep,
A thought in me is breaking—
“I’ve got real dreams to keep!”
The day does break,
I’m wide awake,
And I have dreams to keep!

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