Nevermore! (with a nod to Edgar Allen Poe)

When altruism was living in the men who gave for giving,
When all around were singing, “Oh help, oh help the poor!”
When selfishness was blasted and businessmen called nasty,
There arose a voice inside me, and it shouted, “Nevermore!”
Rose a golden voice inside me, with a splendid “Nevermore!”

I was creator of the highest, my inventions were the finest,
And I lived for love-of-living in my house upon the shore.
Those who bought from me and traded never once did feel degraded,
And each city was made beautiful with clean and well-lit stores.
Yet the leftists kept on crying, and the preachers kept on crying,
And the politicians wailed, “Oh help, oh help the poor!”
And with laws against desire raised our taxes ever higher,
Said that we must work to serve them and give ever, ever more.
But on every road and highway I put up a sign—said “My Way,
I’m alive not to be giving, nor to make the richer poor!”

Then the government came knocking, came a-knocking in the night-time;
I had just sat down to dinner when their shadows crossed the floor.
There were two of them together blowing in their woeful weather,
For they said my house was sitting on old wetlands of the moor,
And that I had two weeks left me till they came and took it from me.
I listened, burning inly, till they went and shut the door.

All my rage was in me growing as I thought about their measure,
And decided with great pleasure to lay salt upon the moor.
A hundred tons I ordered and round the acres plowed it.
A huge neon sign I placed there, with big letters: NEVERMORE.
And with pride inside me fiery I kept right on going my way
And departed from that altruistic country evermore.

Now I sit on my lone island while my stores go out of business;
My inventions turn to rust now, and the poor are many more.
Yes, they’ve everything I left them and the poor are many more.
But I’ve new ideas coming, for my motor’s in me humming,
And this place shall be the bastion of the men of Nevermore,
Shall be ringing bells if freedom for the men of honest dealing
Who are leaving selfless kneeling for the pride of Nevermore!
Who are sailing with gold voices to the isle of Nevermore!

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