On Thanksgiving Day

On Thanksgiving Day let all glad men profess
To be thankful for happiest happiness,
To be thankful for that which comes from high pride
To he who has welcomed bright day on his side.

The free air of honesty, fresh and sincere,
The sunrise of actions led open and clear,
The blazed independence of pathways new made
For dreams of the spirit that dares, unafraid—

Yes, these are the virtues that lift happiness
To light up the eyes with a loving caress,
A touch of the glory-of-being on they
Who straddle the barriers placed in their way,

That flows as a blessing on ends just begun,
On those who began them and those who have won,
That sees each creator as brother and friend
And celebrates all who strive on without end.

This happiest happiness, it must be earned,
And Thanksgiving Day is for they who have learned
That heights of production are glad hills to climb,
No matter if knolls or iced mountains sublime!

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