Gladness and Glory

Was time for the Fabulous Feast, it was,
When all of the hunters and farmers about
Brought in their turkeys, chickens and doves,
And the elk and the deer were cooking up fine.
There were beans and berries and beer and wine,
And the children played, and danced and ran,
And the men and the women, they danced, too,
Till they sat to eat and drink their brew.

Then Hrothgar stood, the head man, he,
And spoke of the glory of being free.
“We’ve built a town outside the state,
Where men are free to come and go,
To live their lives as they decree,
To speak their minds, say ‘Yes’ or ‘No’;
Where each man does his work his best
To profit him the most he can
And fear no gods of east or west.
For freedom is a precious thing;
We celebrate each man as king;
We celebrate queen woman, too,
And praise the work we’ve done
To make our dreams come true!
Now sing, who want to, speak who can,
Around the table, left to right,
And through your mouths the soul of man
Will rise in triumph, ring with might!”

Then songs and speeches filled the air
One after one, brave and fair.
Some spoke of toil hour on hour
Till a thing well done was in their power.
Others sang love songs and lullabies,
And one said a bull sold for very high price,
While in between speeches and songs sung well
A chattering gladness did lift and swell.

Then up again stood Hrothgar to say,
“Our Fabulous Feast is almost through,
So one dear wish I warmly make.
On all the best in each one of you
May dawn with gladness and glory break.”
All then stood as the pipers piped
And hugged their friends and spoke and kissed,
Adjusted all their crowns of gold
And strolled away in the evening mist.

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