One Life

As the end of my being is the joy of my giving
That all that is in to the whole that is me,
As expressed in the something that barely passed nothing
Until I had lifted and loved and set free,
With the mark of my thinking and passion upon it
That makes full immortal, yet timeless my time,
So my all days are one day, and more is not needed,
For nothing’s more high than creation sublime.

I live life with my fire; longevity scorn;
What is better than being the reason I’m born?
And to know there’s an end day, a last day, a death,
Gives a meaning and purpose to every live breath,
A magnificent present that only life gives
In that moment of moments when joyous pride lives,
When the world and its everything is only as great
As it loyally leads to my glorious state.
For mine is the Heaven of Selfdom, the throne of mankind,
In the height I have chosen and captured, alone with my mind!

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