New Life

This nippy morning air has bit your cheeks;
They glow so loud with your new life that I
Am eyes-all-eyes for hearing. Nothing speaks
So cleanly clear as wint’ry sun in sky,
And as your joy-light circles me around
I twist a mild typhoon, without a sound,
The while my laughing heart beats hard and swift
Till breathless breath engulfs me with your gift.
You speak, and I see flower-tips of lips
Bloom in the air; so ringing waves your hair
That I am struck like bells, that bells eclipse,
Yet somehow do I stand, as you go—there
(You have another job and will be great,
While all day long I think and write and wait).
Again you speak—my name! With soft goodbyes
I follow singing flames of your proud eyes!

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2 Responses to New Life

  1. Elisabeth Casavant says:

    Lovely imagery and lively rhythm! The title is so well suited! I will share this delightful poem with my nephew and his wife. They got married a few months ago and they have a special place in my heart.

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