An echo of Marlowe’s “The Passionate Shepard to his Love”

Come live with me and be my love
And we will taste the pleasures of
Glad coffee shops on bustling streets,
With candy stores and all their sweets.

Then we will sit upon the docks
And watch the ships lie still as rocks,
The while their cargoes, rich, unload,
Or see some little boat out-rowed!

And I will buy you from a stand
An orange ice-cream to boast your hand,
And as we walk upon our way
We’ll laugh for such a happy day.

Then if we pass a store of furs
I’m sure to think, “That one is hers!”
And you’ll be wrapped in soft delight,
All ready for the cool of night.

Then at my home we’ll see a flick
Of heroes that are bright and quick,
And calm as spires that rise above,
You’ll sleep with me and be my love.

The morning horns will trumpet fair,
The sparrows tweets will mingle there,
The subway train, no cooing dove,
Will roar aloud that you’re my love!

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