His Lusty Cries

Sometimes new motherhood can be right rough,
The baby cries, but never cries enough;
There’s always more to fill his lungs so young—
Would he have speech he’d never still his tongue.
But sudden, all is still—dear babe’s asleep!
Now mom (and dad) can slip to dreams so deep
Of baby gazing, quietly at play
As his imagination leads the way.
Wah! Wah! Wah! Ten minutes passed!
In Book of World Records he’s not last!
Dear mother, tired, untwists her from her sheet,
Insisting to herself her babe is sweet.
At last, again, when done with coo or two,
The family sleeps for one whole hour through,
But ere the sun has risen in the skies
The young man gives the world his lusty cries!
And now he takes his rest at mother’s breast,
And now she smiles in knowing all is best,
And dad, although half dead, does lift his chin
And kisses her who has a Wonder-Mom within.

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