Exercise (Echo of Byron’s “When We Two Parted”)

When we two parted
In silence supreme,
Not broken-hearted,
To chase a high dream,
Calm were thine eyes and bold
Bolder thy lips;
Surely your face foretold
Something like this.

The dew of the evening
Fell light on my brow;
I stood there believing
The truth we have now.
Our vows are unbroken,
And bright is our flame:
I hear thy name spoken
And honor its fame.

They name thee before me,
A bell in mine ear;
Its ringing o’er-comes me
With gladness and cheer!
They know not I knew thee,
But know I so well
Deep, deep shall I love thee,
Past Heaven and Hell.

Not secretly met,
Yet happy, alone,
With achievement well set
And carved as in stone,
The year is departed,
And here is no dream,
For we are full-hearted
In silence supreme.

Phil test

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