Fully Awake

If the love of the light for the lamp that is lighted
…is less than the lion’s loud love for his leap,
If the love of lost lovers is likened to lions
…who leave off their leaping to lie down with sheep,
If the last of all lessons that liars may lose them
…is love has out-lightened the louse and the creep,
Let’s blow it out louder and lower as lightning
…and lift it as thunder, that men will not sleep!

If the practical paean of praise for all passion
…propels peerless spirits to pass over pain,
If superior power of pureness of purpose
…is piling up profits repentless of gain,
If the pride of the proudful now points to their persons
…as proof independence they’ve paid to maintain,
Let us pipe the pipes prouder, and march as with brightness
…and sing as with wonder that they will not change!

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