Forth, Model!

If I should carve in block of purest marble stone
My perfect body made of you and I, alive
Within my mind, alive in you, although unknown;
If then you saw me kneel in worship, face alight,
Forgetting you were near, would you then disappear?
Or would you stay, revering too, my high ideal?
Would you turn round to see and praise my perfect height
That’s also in your mind if you’d but let you know?
Or would you think, “That is not me; the hips are low,
The shoulders off, somehow; the brow too high and bright;
It’s so un-true to life, not really very real?”
You laugh now. Yea, and I am very pleased withal.
You rise, and toss your robe, stand proud against the wall!
I have my answer! We are masters over all!

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