Strong rebel ‘gainst authority is Monica the Brave
Who, with such independence, her lover’s life will save.
High virtues all are on her side, and great will’s light,
As she inspires and instills the strength to fight.
The facts come first and are well-versed in Monica the True,
And all that can be done by one she’ll truly do.
The docs of dull tradition may mumble with forced might
While she, with greater confidence, knocks sickness left and right.
We praise her for her certainty, and praise her mind—
Dear Monica the Merciless, to fate unkind!
So may her knowledge, growing, with love-lit cheer,
Keep Robb aloft and glowing to hurl thought’s spear!
We reach a hand to shake your hand, dear Monica the Wise,
So glad to be and, standing, see—your truth-filled eyes.

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