The Sum

When walls swing in on either side
To press you there, between,
With virtue push them back in pride
Till they are no more seen.

When lightnings crack, and thunders roll,
And waves of rain wash down,
Swim with the strength that you’ve made whole
And laugh that you can’t drown.

When silent illness takes an aim
To quench your living mind,
Be unforgiving, take YOUR aim,
And let it failure find.

You’re stuck—within a hole—it’s true;
Your feet are clogged with mud,
But joy is all the life of you
And beats within your blood!

And blood and mind are intertwined,
And flesh and spirit sing,
“I am the man who is not blind,
And I will fight this thing!”

Oh, never pause, and never doubt,
And never cease in will,
But climb and climb to get on out
And you’ll be winning still!

The sun’s a-shine, it’s touched your brow,
All nature is a-hum;
You knew you were, we know it now—
Of manhood you’re the sum!

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1 Response to The Sum

  1. redgladiola says:

    Love this! Such a positive poem. Glad to have stumbled across you. =)

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