If I Could Write…

If I could write a sonnet-song of verses oh so fair
That wound around, and in and out, like birds through air,
And mesmerize with melodies of child-like speech,
When every sound is perfect sound in round lips reach;
If then in echo Echo’s soul was your soul, too,
And you and I went echoing the whole night through,
Till our two mouths—a parted rose—did close back one,
With muse’s love a-murmuring, immersed in sun,
Then little sparks of lyric light would fill our eyes,
To hold us in its isle awhile of paradise,—
There on that shore, unshaken, we would stand and see
That birds of air, though very fair, are less than we.
For we’re the sonnet singers who sing our love in time
And light our lyric candles with the light of rhyme!

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1 Response to If I Could Write…

  1. Sandra Brents says:

    Beautiful, Brian.

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