Struck ( inspired by Brittney Fay Rivera)

Sunlight on your hair of gold
Marks you there: This fair behold.
Love of light that sparks your eyes
Tells aright: This fair is wise.
Light of lip and brow and cheek
Sunrise gives to all who seek.
Altogether all things fair
Sing the height of open air,
Wid’ning skies, freest space,
Matched by your triumphant face—
Face of beauty living right,
Guided by your selfish sight—
Selfish sight and selfish mind,
Oh what mine do we here find!
Mine of riches glowing gold,
Mined for action true and bold—
Bold to sit on boldest horse,
Galloping in joy the course
You have set with tight’ning rein,
Loosed again to strike, and gain!
How we marvel you can be
Here the sunshine we can see,
Of such confidence so rare
There is nothing half so fair
That for song’s sake, yea, for rhyme’s,
We are glad we’re in these times!
Though the world so dusky seems
Struck we are by your high beams.

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