Let’s Be Altruistic

Oh, let’s be altruistic and give up our pay
To all who are standing for handouts today!
The self has no meaning, the ego is ill,
We’ll give all we’ve got to whomever we will.
Poor people are coming, and it isn’t fair
That we should have something and not even share.
True livers are givers and givers give life
Till dead they lie peaceful, without any strife.
The end of all giving and living is one—
To end up with nothing, toasted and done.
Oh. let’s be altruistic, for self is a sham,
And the meaning of life is to not care a damn
About any purpose or happiness, pride,
Or joy of our being that we would decide.

For others, all others, all others mean more
Than all that we’ve worked for and all we adore.
The fact that they’ve nothing is proof of their worth;
The fact that we’ve something is proof of bad birth.
The fact that we’ve struggled, and saved, and have wealth,
Is proof that in spirit we’ve not any health.
The fact that we’ve made this great country so free
Is proof we have reason no longer to be.
And that we’ve great cities, with skyscrapers high
Is proof we must sacrifice, give up and die.
For we are the bad ones, the worst upon earth,
Who think us the good ones who work to be first.
Oh, let’s be altruistic, surrender all goals,
And save us by giving up bodies and souls!
We’ll save us in graves while those others live on
To live for themselves till all freebees are gone!

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