Stand Alone

Do not give up when all seems lost,
Do not give in when things go wrong,
But gather yourself to pay the cost
With the upward strike of a song!

A song that sails above the crowd,
Who trudge with heads bowed down;
A song that lifts you light and proud,
With hope your whole mind’s crown.

Let others wail and weep and fail
When naught seems going right;
Let others make their dark prevail
While hoarding “safe” their light.

But you’ve light, too, and you’ve got you,
And you’ll not shrinking go,
But blaze your ways and torch on through
And make your future glow!

The bright’ning song of beauty, truth,
Whose notes are sparks and beams,
Will light your lips and eyes with youth
As you ignite your dreams.

The winging torch of life prevails,
It does not dip or die,
If from the sum of you it sails
And you don’t cease to try.

Let others cry, “It is not fair!”
Let others moan and groan;
But singing you is rising true—
By choice to stand alone!

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