They say I have a soul,
But I have none;
My consciousness is whole,
And I am one.

My self’s not split in two
By nothing’s naught;
My will runs good and true
Through all I’ve got.

No spirit from a ghost
Can make me blind
To I who am the toast
Of my own mind.

They say I have a soul,
But it’s not true;
I am the sole control
Of all I do.

There is no light inside
To flash unknown,
Or shine outside the “I”
That I have grown.

My mind is full, enough;
I am its will;
I need no other “stuff”
To give a thrill.

With reason I am one;
I am first cause
Of aims I have begun,
Which are my laws.

They say I have a soul
To fight my flesh,
But I am on a roll
With every breath.

My body’s neither foe
Nor obstacle,
But brings me things to know
And serves me well.

Together we’re a crew
That grabs the real
To recreate anew
My own ideal.

The meaning of my one
Is me, entire,
A unit I’ve begun
As my own sire.

In every choice I make,
Each conscious act,
Success, or loss, mistake,
I am the fact,

The driving force that gains,
Or loses all,
My pleasures and my pains,
How great or small.

To me I owe account
And pay the bill;
I am the very fount
Of my own will.

Yea, I, in flesh and mind,
Am without strife;
One soul-less thing un-blind
To my sweet life.

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1 Response to Soul-Less

  1. Sandra Brents says:

    Brian, I love this poem and would like to purchase a copy suitable for framing if possible.

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