Destination: All

I am just six feet tall,
Next to mountains, small,
Yet over them I leap
While under me they sleep.
No ocean can prevail
Against my little sail.
The earth I open wide
For treasure I have spied,
And Mars is far, and stars,
But distance me not bars.
The universe is great
While tiny is my state,
But I all where do fly
While it can’t even try.

Yea, lasting while I can,
Immortal mortal man,
From him, to her, to he,
Who pass the torch—To Be—
With conscious strength of mind
To old things not resigned,
But ever new to seek
Through century-long week
And eon-long year,
With confidence o’er fear,
Till reas’ning human race
Knows everywhere its place—
A giant in its climb,
With steps that are sublime,
A god without a god,
Whose mental key-like rod
Opens that which is
And makes the world his!

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