View From The Top

That thing within that makes you strong,
The will to judge what’s right, what’s wrong,
Fighting foes you live among,
And singing still your life’s own song
Apart from lost and mindless throng,
To which you never will belong,
Because it’s you who are the song,
And it’s you who are the strong,
And it’s you who have the will
To keep on going straight uphill
To the height that none can kill,
For as you rise, creating art
That’s beautiful in whole and part,
The top is in you, you are it,
And none can take or break or mar
Your view that joy is not a star
Hard to reach and much too far,
But from your hands and from your eyes
Here will stand, or lie, or sit—
Your living love that all defies,
Perfected work beneath the skies!—
That thing within is you, only you.

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