Modern Helen

All the sunshine in your hair,
Mixed with wind that brasses there,
Shows no beauty half so fair
As your brow before them there.

Light of forehead gleams with pride
Of the mind you’ve not denied,
Light of eyes is magnified
From the words your lips have plied.

Face in total dims the light,
Making day seem palely bright,
Cheeks and nose and chin so right
Lift by spirit into flight.

Looking outward, seeing far,
All your dreams before you are;
Nothing in the world can bar,—
Of your life you are the star.

Sun and wind in flowing hair
Frame a flame beyond compare;
Flame of human face so rare,
Flashing in the morning air.

Flashing on to dare and do
Everything you want to do,
Every act the soul of you
Reaching out, and up, and through!

Years of triumph fly in song;
Perseverance stretches long;
Aims and plans together throng;
Face of flame is ever strong.

Launching ships is easy still
For a face that bears clear will.
Beauty’s soul is yours to fill
As you think, and say, “I will.”

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