Don’t Give Up

Don’t give up on living
When you’ve got life in you,
And never pass up thinking
No matter what you do.

Don’t give up on trying
The hardest that you can,
For when it comes to dying
You’ll know you lived a man.

Don’t give up on dreaming,—
Strike onward to the goal!
The sun inside keeps beaming
As long as you are whole.

Don’t give up on making
Every minute, second, count;
And don’t give in to taking,
When you’re down, the final count.

Don’t give in to fearing,
And don’t give up your drive;
To you be more endearing
Each year that you’re alive.

Don’t give in to failure,
And don’t stop with success;
Give to yourself the favor
Of new-height happiness.

Let progress be your master,
Make love-of-life your song;
Sing up above disaster
The mind that keeps you strong.

For ego men may blame you,
But egoistic stand,
And never let men shame you
From what’s in your command.

Grip hard the spokes of power,
Turn sharp against all fate,
And don’t give up one hour
To men who doubt and wait.

Don’t give up on sailing,
‘Though there be storms of strife;
The happy isles are hailing
The man who loves his life!

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