Sat I safely on my tree-branch,
Parted from the human race;
You, you came alone to dance,
I was struck by Beauty’s face.

Eyes that held each swaying leaf
While for you they lifted, waved;
Even brown ones fed no grief;
Clasped for you, they strong winds braved.

Lips half-parted, brow serene,
Listening, as you slowly turned,
Lifting arms—Oh tender scene—
Then a leap, as loving burned!

Round and round you skipped and swung,
Freer than a sparrow, glad;
Straight into my heart was sung
The thrill-point of love’s arrow!

Inspiration drew forth pen,
Flight-words words tried to match you;
In sun, in shade, then out again—
My verse could not quite catch you!

Down then on a broken limb
Sat you laughing, gazing ’round;
You, new-breaking, shining hymn—
Caught was I, yet made no sound.

Pulling pages from my notebook,
On which blazed my poems of fire,
I made airplanes for the wind’s hook,
Flying down with my desire.

Gasp! You caught, you read, lit up so
(Oh, your face, so lovely bright!),
Touched me sure with living joy-glow
As late day leaned over night.

I have nothing to repent now,
Climbing verse-less from above;
All my matches are well-spent now
In the bonfire of your love.

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