Man’s Life

Man’s life is a vision made real
By volition of he
Who loves the facts of reality
And guides his actions
To a self-serving goal
That orders his living
And keeps him whole.
He judges it good
When he’s passed the test
Of done what he should
With his effort best,
And on he goes and will not stop,
His every step another top
To a clearer height
Of a work done well,
Strengthening his spirit
And hard’ning his will
For the onward vision
That is in him still
That sets off joy
In explosions mild,
A-lighting his face
With eyes of that child
Which seek and find
What’s undefiled
In a universe made
For his questing thirst
That is unafraid
To be there first.

As he will end,
So he began—
Each thing his friend,
Himself a man.

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