Still Standing

The Brandens went,
Now Harriman, too,
On treachery bent,
Base things to do.

Innocent Rand
And Peikoff, he,
Ne’er guessed the depth
Of treachery.

But self-destruction
Follows sure
And kills the soul in
Snakes un-pure,

While living towers
Two, still stand:
Height of Peikoff
And higher Rand.

The sycophants
And liars all
With their Kants
Do fall and fall,

But Peikoff, Rand,
Do rise and rise,
Eclipsing sun
And starry skies.

Yes, one is high,
One higher still,
And grandeur
Does the soul fulfill,

And fills our minds
With justice sure,
That climbs and climbs
And will endure.

For all that’s base
Cannot destroy
The hero’s face
Of honest joy.

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