Judgment Rolls!

Falls the just judgment on Obama—“Evil!”
Like a rock gigantic falling on a twisted weed
Falls the judgment on Obama—“Evil!”
On Pelosi, Boehner, Reid, Putin and Islam—“Evil!”
On the nihilists, ecologists and all their lying crew—“Evil!”
On the anti-individualist haters-of-freedom—“Evil!”
Like a volcanic mountain falling on a poisonous bug
Falls the judgment of the best of us on Obama—“Evil!”
On the reign of socialistic terror and altruistic sacrifice–
From the height of man’s moral and life-loving mind–
Drops the judgment of reason, the guillotine of justice,
That splits the carcase of evil creed
And damns the spirit of evil deed!—“Evil!” “Evil!” “Evil!”

“Evil!” “Evil!” “Evil!” From every throat it roars aloud!
From every true human being, from every man who’s proud!
“Damn the communistic soul! Damn the man who seeks control!
Damn all you who freedom hate! Damn you to your selfless fate!
“Evil!” “Evil!” “Evil!

Rolls the flame of righteous men
To burn on ears and eyes and tongue of they who turn
And twist and hide from hideous truths they have denied—
That they don’t seek to work and strive
To keep their soul-less lives alive;
That they would happy men defile
And bend on down each happy smile,
And kill and slaughter, keep from free,
Each man of true ability!

“Evil!” “Evil!” Evil!” Echoes now through hollow souls
And hollow bodies, shrunken minds, burnt-out coals!
For, anyone who lives a lie, who seeks no joyous virtue high,
Has hollow as his daily food, hollow in his place of “I”.
Hollow he who loves not rising joy;
Hollow he who practices deception;
Hollow the manipulator, hollow, too, the brute:
All are evil right down to their root!

We who judge keep our good judgment back no longer;
We speak; it grows, and rolls on ever stronger.
We shred with “Foul! the liar where he stands;
We pierce with “Vile!” the dictator’s command;
We drown with “Evil!” every leader’s voice
Who tries to steer away from free men’s choice.
Right to his face, up close, nose to nose,
We damn the traitor for his country’s woes;
We blast his hollow face like wind blows ash,
Till all we hear is one small rodent crash!

Good men fear not their moral judgment’s power;
A rage of storm at last brings forth a flower.

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